301 Redirects

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What is a 301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect is code on a web server that tells your web browser to look to another location for the content you expect to see. Think of it as a big detour sign.

This is especially useful if you’ve decided to change your website’s domain. If you keep the old domain active, you redirect it to the new one so that users can type in either one in their browser and still find your site. This is a very good idea if you’ve got your own site URL on company letterhead or business cards. From an SEO standpoint, it’s wise to keep your old domains because there may be links on other web sites that point to the old domain. If a user ever clicks on those, they’ll be redirected to your new URL.

Users attempting to access your old domain will see no evidence of the change, it’s a seamless transition, but the address will change in the browser window to reflect the current and proper url.

One site can have many 301 Redirects pointing to it.

301 Redirects can be set through the control panel of your web host in many cases, or set using the htaccess file in your www directory on your web host. Bay Area SEO can assist you with properly setting redirects for your site.

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