Adding an Offer Helps in Finding Leads


Adding an Offer Helps in Finding LeadsFinding leads is a challenge. With so many sites out there all vying for attention, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. Offering a discount for a service or product or running a special promotion can bring in a lot of new business. If you play your cards right and provide an excellent quality service, they just might become repeat customers, which is the whole point now, isn’t it?

Give a Little, Get A Lot

You try offering a valuable guide, eBook or report that will provide valuable information to your potential clients. If you are unable to lower your prices, try offering a free consultation.  eBooks are definitely a great tool for opt-ins. Giving them a little useful information solidifies your standing as an expert, gets their contact information into your hands to use for future email campaigns (we call this an “opt in”), and it gets a branded item in front of them.

For some other offer ideas, take a look at your leading competition. Are they offering any opt-ins? If so, what types of discounts and promotions are they running? Chances are if they are doing well, they are good at finding leads. It never hurts to stay on par with the head of the pack.

Finding Leads from Opt Ins

When you give something of value away on your site, not only does that put your name in the mind of the consumer, but it also provides you with some valuable information you can use for finding leads at a later date. If a customer wants to take part in your free offer, they will need to provide you with some personal information. It’s up to you what information you want to collect, but at the very least get a full name and email address.

When a potential customer or client searches the Internet and lands on your site, they are most likely not just surfing the web for the latest YouTube sensation. Chances are, they are already looking to buy. In particular, they are looking to buy what YOU sell. So, give them an incentive to stick around and check out your entire site by offering them a little gift.

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    • Liane Markus
    • November 2, 2011

    This is actually one of the best and interesting information that I have ever read. Even if you give a little, you will be receiving a lot. This should be seen and read by the people who are into business because the message that was said here is very inspiring and meaningful at the same time.

  46. Good tip Ross, one that everyone should follow. Granted, I’m not offering anything free at the moment to get opt-ins because I’m working on a new report as we speak. But because I’ve built up a pretty good following, I’m surprised that I continue to get new opt-ins each day. I’m definitely not complaining about that.

    There are so many different ways to locate leads and one of my favorite ones is commenting on other blogs. Not only do I learn a lot from reading other people’s content but I find that there are some really great people out there too. What really makes it great is that if you have an area you need assistance with, all you need to do is ask.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I better get back to finishing that report. Thanks for that reminder.


    • Adrienne, Thanks for dropping by. I always recommend using opt in forms and autoresponders to my clients, but so many are hesitant because they don’t believe it’ll work. I mostly hear “I hate signing up for stuff just to get access, I don’t want the spam, so why would anyone fill in my form?”. Of course, when they see the result, it’s like a new world opens up.

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