Over the last few years, online reviews, or rather the popularity of online reviews, has grown by a significant amount. The fact that this rise in popularity pretty much coincides with the rise of mobile search and search in general for finding businesses and services, is no coincidence. Reviews have the power to influence whole […]

Adopting an active Local SEO strategy will help your business flourish locally. Whether you are a local brick and mortar retailer or a national brand, starting at home is an excellent way to get your feet wet with SEO and become a local authority. We always advise clients that before you worry about your visibility […]

Google’s search algorithm, the program that helps it decide what to show you when you run a search, is updated often… and when I say often, I mean practically daily. Most of these changes can seem insignificant, and some are just Google experimenting with different ways to display results. Some of the changes can be […]

So, you know you should be doing SEO for your local business. But, you aren’t. Or perhaps your search engine optimization strategy hasn’t been updated since it was acceptable to use techniques like keyword stuffing or hidden text. That’s okay. It’s never too late to begin using effective and up-to-date SEO tactics. Many small business […]

Is your local business driving enough website traffic to get new customers through your door? Many local business marketers are still relying on antiquated methods like phone book advertising or bill boards to bring in new customers. Not only is this approach unlikely to yield the ROI you’d like, it also probably won’t win you […]

SEO and social media are both powerfully effective marketing tactics on their own. When they’re combined into a single strategy? Your local business can gain unstoppable momentum. Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm have placed additional weight on social signals as a ranking factor, meaning it’s now more important than ever to develop a strong […]

For years, many local business owners have relied on referrals, recommendations, and print advertising to bring new business through their doors. However, these traditional tactics just don’t work like they used to. Print media has experienced a 50% decline in the past decade, while email marketing performs 9,500% better than direct mail.  Word-of-mouth recommendations are […]

Picture this… you’ve spent months on optimizing your site, you’ve got all your citations set up with the correct NAP data, building links and relationships like crazy, and now you’ve got page one positioning for your small business and lo and behold, the phone starts ringing with new prospects ready to work with you! Like […]

Months ago I wrote an blog about feedback page where I mentioned that through SEO, not only does your business become more findable for new clients who need your goods and services, you also become more findable by SPAM artists and shady salesmen who either try to lure you away from your current SEO provider […]

The short answer… No. Who Am I To Talk? Now I’m commenting here with very little experience as a consumer of the Yelp Advertising service. I don’t pay for it, nor have I spoken to an objective focus group of business owners who use it. My comments here are based on my anecdotal evidence through […]