Email Marketing - Keep Them Coming Back!

Email marketing helps a business keep your customers coming back by grabbing their attention with attractive, professional looking newsletter emails. The emails keep you in contact with your customer which builds a stronger relationship.  You can announce news, advertise new products and services, and announce when you have special events.

Why do I need it?

  • Go Green! You can save on paper and postage and it is more affordable for a business budget.  There is no limit to how many permission-based email newsletters are sent. You will not have anything to print, stamp, stuff and NO paper cuts!
  • Tracking! This gives you the option of checking who opened your emails, who may have forwarded them to friends and also who it bounced back from.  You can track what links were looked at giving you a better idea of what your customers are interested in.
  • Referrals! How easy is it for your customer to forward your newsletter to a friend?  Very easy. Loyal customers that love your product will help you by sharing your company information with no risk to the new prospect. Have a “Join my mailing list” button on your website and you can grow your customer base even faster.  Those referrals from customers will bring you additional loyal customers.
  • Targeting! Segmenting your database to create smaller customer lists based on what their interests are will increase the impact of your email newsletters.  Once you know what the customer is looking for you can create messages that are relevant to them. They will be more interested and more likely to contact you.
  • Communication! Email newsletters are fast, eye-catching and inexpensive to create.  An email will put you into your customer’s inbox more accurately than regular mail.  You can avoid being the junk mail and thrown out by the spam filter.

Do you have permission?

Permission marketing is a method of advertising using email where the person at the end of getting the email has given permission for you to send it.  This was developed to get rid of the problems associated with email marketing.  A very common form of permission marketing is a newsletter that is sent to the customer.  The newsletter will inform the customer of promotions or upcoming events even new products that are going to be available.  With this type of advertising the company may directly ask their customer base if they wish to receive the newsletter that will keep them informed of the current happenings within the business.

Timing is everything

Timing with email marketing is very important.  How often you send an email newsletter can be the difference between your email being read or deleted.  Everyone has their own preference of when they like to read emails and catch up, but there are some general rules that you should follow.  Avoid sending your emails to other businesses on the weekends.  The best time to catch other businesses attention is Tuesday thru Thursday.  Monday’s are normally the catch up day and reserved for meetings and getting the week organized.  Friday emails are often ignored and won’t be seen until the following week.  When emailing the consumer directly, Friday thru Sunday emails seem to have more effect because they are more likely to be online over the weekend and more leisure time to think about what you are offering. These times can change and are not set in stone but give you an idea of the best time to reach your consumer and business customers.


Balancing the frequency of your emails is extremely important.  If you send too many you could annoy your recipient and you can be sent to spam land and ignored.  If you do not send enough messages you may get overlooked and not be considered when your customer is ready to buy.  Bi-weekly or monthly sending schedules produce the best results.

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