Failed Keyword Tactics

Failed Keyword Tactics

A king-sized piece of the puzzle with SEO is making sure the keywords that you use for your keyword searches are good enough and put your business in a place to profit. Check out some of the biggest mistakes business owners are making with keyword searches.

Direct Keywords

Keyword research should be a simple task. Choose a keyword that reflects your business and that should lead search engine results right to your business, right? Oops, that just isn’t how things work. Avoid targeting generic keywords and find keywords that fit more directly with your products and services. Don’t target one word keywords. Instead of using “television” as your keyword, think about the customer that is already getting out their credit card to purchase a television online and use the direct keywords for your exact product “Toshiba REGZA 52 1080p LCD HDTV” and that will bring the consumer closer to your door. Go for the exact match and not the general idea.


Use the singular version of your keyword for a search. Instead of using “televisions” use instead “television.” This is a common mistake made with keywords and could take your products and services away from a potential customer just for using the plural form of the word. Using a plural form of a keyword could land your website in the lower margin and not get highlighted in the SERPs.

Converting Keywords

Keywords bring traffic to your website which in turn brings sales to your company. The use of web marketing is growing every day and with that growth brings more competition so get the best out of what your business is putting online. Conversion and language analysis is a big part of the keyword search process.

Keyword conversions are complex and each sale and market is different. Use existing data from your previous sales to determine which keywords are more likely to convert better. If you have use of Google Analytics there is a simple way to determine the most common converting keywords you currently receive and you can try to use this to find more patterns to use towards choosing the right keywords.

Context Keywords

Keywords don’t always reflect the way a business hopes they will. Using the wrong type of word could cause confused targeting. Essential keywords are important so that the consumers can find you very easily. Choose your keyword and then do a quick search and see what kind of results pop up. If these do not fit with the type of business, service or product you have to offer then rethink those keywords and make them more of a direct fit.