Get Your Customers to Spread the Word

Word of Mouth marketingThere is nothing better than getting free advertising through word of mouth especially when it comes from your own satisfied customer. Making it easy for your happy customer to tell their friends and family about your great business is important for your business growth. Make it possible so that your customers want to share what you have to offer!

 Let’s get Motivated

Encouraging your customer to share has to be part of the marketing plan. Create campaigns where the more your customer shares what you have to offer the more they save. The main idea here is the more people benefit from something the more they share. Let’s say you offer a coupon for your customer to try a product, and if they like the product they can come back and get a second coupon. The second coupon will give them even bigger savings then the first. Every time they come back for another coupon the savings will increase. You can also feature a certain product for one day for a special group deal. The more “likes” this product gets from customers the cheaper the product cost.

Special Gift

People love to be rewarded for doing what they normally would do. Giving a special reward can be a great motivator for your customer. You can offer free merchandise to your customers if they spend a certain amount on your products. There is also the option of giving your customers early access to a product before it is sold to the public.

 Let your customer help others

Everyone likes to help other people in need. If you make it easy for your customer to help others they usually will and that gives your product a boost. You can use your products with fundraisers.  For each product sold you can donate $1 to the cause. This campaign is easy to share on Facebook with friends and as a result you will get your product noticed.

Give Customers Recognition

People like to be recognized for helping and sharing what they know with others. This can be a great motivator for social activity. If your customer really likes your product they are going to make sure that their friends and family also use it which will build your reputation. Find those customers that continue to support your product and reward them on an ongoing basis so that they continue to share your product and support your business. Make them part of the team. If you give them a reason to back you it will make your marketing double!