Tracking Internet Leads

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Tracking Internet Leads is ImportantAlmost as important as getting new sales through the web is tracking internet leads to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from your internet marketing campaign. Without taking some sort of metrics, you’re relying on blind faith that the new sales you’re getting are actually from the source you’re dedicating time and money to. This is important not only with internet leads, but also in tracking any kind of advertising and marketing campaign.

It’s critical that every time the phone rings you ask how your new potential customer heard about your service.

Let’s say 50% of your marketing budget is spent on the phone book, 25% is spent on internet marketing, and the rest is shared between direct mail and ads in local papers. If you don’t track where your leads are coming from, how do you know which one of these are working and which aren’t? If 80% of your leads come from the web, and 3% from the phone book, then why are you devoting so much money that marketing method?

Tracking leads can be as simple or complex as you need it to be.

Many large companies use lead tracking software, but if you’re running a small business, a spreadsheet might work just as well. By tracking how every new contact you get has found you, you will quickly see which marketing methods you need to boost, and which you should reevaluate.

So how do you find out where your customer heard about your company? Every time you speak to a new contact on the phone, ask “Who can we thank for referring you to us today?”, or simply “Where did you hear about us”. Another good way would be to use coupon codes on your websites, mailers or phone book ad to easily track lead sources.

In a later post we can get into specifically looking at internet leads through analytics, but for now, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for lead tracking.

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