Why Alexa Ranking Matters


Alexa ranking is something that’s been discussed over and over by bloggers and internet marketers through the years. Usually focused on it’s accuracy and it’s importance, it’s something many amateur Internet marketers ignore. In developing your own site, ignore your site’s  Alexa rank at your own peril.

Look at successful sites you visit often, and you’ll see one thing in common… high Alexa rankings. It may not be the most accurate measurement of your site’s traffic (you should use Google Analytics for that), but I promise you that if your Alexa ranking is “unranked” or in the tens of millions, hardly anyone is visiting your site. If you run a blog and plan to advertise or join affiliate programs, many companies won’t work with advertisers until they’ve reached a certain ranking in Alexa.

The truth is, there’s no one single tool to show you the value or worth of a site. It’s not Alexa, it’s not Google Page Rank, it’s not the number of backlinks, or even the SERP position for a single high competition keyword, but when you combine all of these things together you can truly get a picture of how your site is doing. A site’s Alexa number is what changes most frequently and can give you the most up to date look at how you’re doing.

To figure out how your site fares on Alexa, the easiest way is to download and install the Alexa toolbar. It can be installed in either Firefox or Internet Explorer and will give you the ranking of any site at a glance.

Bay Area SEO can help you get your Alexa rankings up with our search engine optimization and internet marketing packages. Contact us today and we can tell you where you stand.

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    • Ross
    • July 22, 2011

    Alexa’s ranking is generally only measured by the amount of incoming links and estimated traffic. I’ve also seen that quality traffic matter. If you have really high bounce rates, it can effect your ranking negatively.

    I don’t believe domain age really matters. Domain age, however, can be an important ranking factor.

    A target Alexa ranking would depend largely on your target audience. For instance, a local dentist website serving a large city would find numbers hovering around the one million mark to be perfectly respectable. A website with national or even international appeal where the site is monetized and set up as a business would definitely shoot for the 100,000 mark.

    Don’t fret too much over Alexa, though. The real quality numbers are in your Google Analytics reports. At the very least, you should monitor your Quantcast, Compete.com, and SEMRush data to get a more rounded idea of the amount of traffic your site is getting.

  37. Interesting. Thank you for confirming the importance of Alexa Rank. Is there some correlation between a site’s age and Alexa Rank (i.e. older domains are listed higher)? Also, can you give an achievable ballpark figure site owners should aim for – obviously, the lower (higher) the better, would be great to crack 100k, but not all sites are built for that and have brilliant-enough content, so what’s a ‘respectable’ Alexa Rank that would indicate a no-nonsense site?

    • Felton Hewett
    • September 13, 2010

    Few days back Alexa added review feature, in which you can add your review for particular website. You can also rate any website you like. For example ,you can see beycon web tasarim’s review and add your own review from this link:

    Since you can use your facebook profile to login , you don’t need to signup. This is again a good way to improve your alexa rank and your alexa profile.

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