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Digital Marketing,  Solid Results

Here at Alameda Internet Marketing, we never make promises we can’t keep. Instead, we focus on transparency and openness with our clients, working hard to ensure that we meet and then exceed every expectation.
Results-Driven Marketing
Our process starts with extensive research and data analysis to identify critical business insights about your company. Once we determine your strengths and weaknesses, we’ll use that information to develop an actionable digital marketing strategy that will drive results, boost conversion rates, and maximize your profits.
Proven Methods for Success
We’ve been using proven methods to generate leads and revenue for our clients for over ten years, with fruitful results. When you partner with us, you’ll get the full benefit of our team’s well-earned expertise, exceptional talents, and innovative ideas to elevate your business and expand into new markets.
Award-Winning Services
We’re proud to say that we offer award-winning digital marketing services. In 2015, Alameda Magazine awarded our firm the title of “Best Website Creator,” recognizing us for our superior work with website design and development.
Digital Marketing Experts
Despite our humble beginnings as a Bay Area SEO company in a home office, our hard work, ambition, and experience have paid off in spades. We’re the digital marketing experts who have what it takes to handle all of your online advertising and marketing needs.
Your Results Matter
When you choose to partner with us, you won’t just be a client—you’ll become a valuable part of the AIM family. When your company thrives, we succeed, which is why we work so hard to create bespoke marketing solutions that will maximize revenue and profit for your business.
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What We Do

At Alameda Internet Marketing, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency offering custom-built solutions to grow your business. We leverage a range of advanced tools and resources to help our clients achieve their marketing and business goals.

Web Design

Are you struggling to land clients, generate leads, and convert site visitors into paying customers? Our custom web design and development services are the answer. Your company website is undoubtedly your most powerful advertising tool—but it needs to be responsive, engaging, and visible for you to see results. Our team can help you achieve those objectives using our custom builds, redesigns, optimizations, and a range of other web development strategies and services.

Comprehensive and Local SEO

Without leveraging local and comprehensive SEO tools, your website will have trouble reaching your target market. Our optimization services will give your brand the visibility it needs to grow on both a large scale and in your home city. The SEO techniques we employ will boost your ranking in the search engine results pages, driving more organic traffic to your site.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an effective way to increase site traffic and strengthen your brand visibility. If you want to rank higher on Google and other search engines, you’re going to need a website with relevant content and keywords, fast page load speeds, and mobile-friendly features. With our search engine marketing strategies, you’ll reach your target audience and generate qualified leads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another critical part of our digital marketing services. While social media can be a tremendous boon to your business, not everybody has the time or skill to manage multiple platforms. Our team will help you maintain an active social presence, and we’ll leverage PPC and social media ad campaigns to build your customer base and promote your brand.
Discover What We Can Do For You!
Are you ready to discover how our proven solutions can work for you? Our team at Alameda Internet Marketing is proud to have been generating revenue for America’s businesses for more than ten years.

Whether you need comprehensive SEO, social media marketing, website design, reputation management, or paid search advertising, our team has the skill and raw talent necessary to take care of it all. Partner with our digital marketing professionals at Alameda Internet Marketing—and start driving results!

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