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Is your business just starting out, and you need a push in the right direction? Or, have you reached a revenue plateau and you’re not sure what path to take to generate growth?

At AIM, we’ve developed a synergistic blend of digital marketing solutions that can move the needle for your business. Our digital marketing services are effective for organizations of all sizes at any stage of growth. Further, our digital marketing company works with a variety of industries, equipping clients with winning digital marketing campaigns that put them in a position to dominate the competition.

What Our Clients Get When They Work with Us

Brand Awareness

No one can buy from you until they know who you are. The problem with “brand awareness” is that it can be difficult to measure and even more of a challenge to equate it to revenue growth and other meaningful metrics.

By ensuring that every step of our Internet marketing strategy is carefully planned, the brand awareness we create for you will be tied to results that you can deposit in the bank.

Online Presence

The crux of marketing is reaching the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Digital marketing is no different in that regard, but it requires a new way of thinking and operating to be effective.

Our team has years of digital marketing expertise building robust online presences for clients. AIM's online marketing services include an ideal blend of web design, SEO services, advertising, and social media to guarantee discoverability while you put your best face forward.

Superior Website

Think of your website as your digital home. You want it to be clean and convey your style and values.

Your website isn’t just about appearances, though. Our Internet marketing company pulls out all the stops to make it stand out from the competition.

When it comes to web development, we take the cake.

More Leads

Lead generation can be one of the most significant drivers of revenue and growth in online marketing, but the key is to focus efforts on attracting the right audience and making them convert.

On average, the clients that hire us for lead generation marketing services see a {300%} increase in leads within {90 days}.

Increased Engagement

You’ve probably heard that having a presence on social media platforms should be included in your digital marketing strategies, but do you know where you should be focusing your time?

We optimize these online marketing efforts to drive the engagement that leads to real growth.

Revenue Growth

Ultimately, every business that utilizes digital marketing solutions wants to maximize revenue. To date, AIM has generated {$3.5 billion} in revenue for our clients through online marketing campaigns. This figure equates to an average annual increase of {60%} in a client’s first year of working with us.

Web Design

Get an improved website that’s designed with mobile and conversion rate optimization in mind. Wow your visitors and drive them toward the desired action.
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Get your company to the top of Google and the rest of the search engines with award-winning SEO strategies that actually work.
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Local SEO

Dominate the competition by showing up for all things local with a local SEO campaign. Google Maps 3-Pack and page one Google search results, here we come!
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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Combine organic SEO services with paid advertising in marketing campaigns to paint your company name across the Internet. You’ll be famous.
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Social Media Marketing

The marketing efforts you invest in social channels can be a revenue driver with strategies that bring value to your audience, including video marketing.
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AIM's 3-Step Process

Want to know how we’re able to serve so many different industries and businesses at various stages of growth with our Internet marketing services? It’s easy – when you know what you’re doing.

By taking a systematic approach to our marketing campaigns and overall digital strategies, we have an award-winning digital marketing formula that works.

Step 1:
Research and Analysis

You’ve probably heard the infamous Yogi Berra quote, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

We heartily embrace this principle here at AIM. Before we dive into any planning or strategies, we make sure we understand what drives your business. We evaluate your competitors, research your customer avatars, and do a deep dive into your industry’s keyword profile.

As we proceed through our checklist, don’t be surprised if you learn some things about your business that you didn’t already know!

Step 2: 
Develop a Plan

Once we have a lay of the land, the next step is to begin developing an online marketing plan that will lead to you accomplishing your business goals in record time.

Whether that involves creating a new website, spearheading social media management, running online ads, or a combination of these options, we will recommend a carefully planned course of action.

Along the way, we will ensure that you understand what the plan is and why. As a premier Internet marketing agency, we eagerly provide our clients with complete transparency, especially if you already have an in-house marketing team who will be involved.

Step 3 :
Implement & Optimize

Now comes the fun part! We put all of the hard work we did during the research and development phase to start executing effective marketing services. Depending on which marketing strategies we’ve planned, you can begin seeing new leads and revenue growth very quickly. It’s not uncommon for a PPC campaign to begin generating leads within 24-48 hours!

As we execute each step of our digital marketing service, we will constantly evaluate the outcomes, learn from what’s working, and phase out anything that doesn't contribute to your digital marketing goals. As a result, your digital marketing will continue to get better and better.

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Web Design

Never underestimate the importance of a great website. And, even though society warns us against judging a book by its cover, your website visitors are making an immediate judgment about your business the moment they land on your website.

In addition to having a professional look and feel that’s consistent with your brand, your website should have (at a minimum) the following elements:

  • A clear call to action above the fold (that’s the area of the screen before a user has to scroll)
  • A lead generation form
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Fast load speed
  • Convenient methods to contact you
  • Trust factors and awards (if applicable)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Content that showcases your expertise
  • Client or customer testimonials

Our Internet marketing services agency works with clients who either need a website built from scratch or need modifications that result in a website design you can be proud of.

In our opinion, a beautiful website is more than just a pretty piece of digital property. It serves as your digital home and can make or break your marketing strategy. After all, if you’re investing in digital advertising, you want visitors to land on a website that outshines the competition.


Short for search engine optimization, SEO is a vital factor in the success of any online marketing services strategy.

It’s estimated that 89% of consumers turn to Google when they’re looking for a product or service. This means that you could be losing close to 90% of potential revenue by not showing up prominently on the search engines.

SEO works for all businesses, no matter what industry you’re in. Remember, your customers are people who turn to the Internet to get answers and find the products and services they’re looking for. This is true even if your customer is another business or the government. There’s still someone sitting at a keyboard or holding a mobile phone conducting an Internet search.

SEO can be extremely competitive, and it can be difficult to find a trustworthy SEO services provider. It can be even more difficult to find reliable help because SEO is not one of those digital marketing services that yield immediate results. Depending on your industry, you could see fast results, or it could take weeks or months to see your name climb the ranks to page of one of Google. You shouldn’t have to put blind trust in your digital marketing services provider just because they tell you that they’re the best.

We’ve spent years mastering our craft and delighting clients with dramatic results. Put us to the test!

Local SEO

This digital marketing tactic is a must-have in your online marketing services toolkit if you have a physical location that serves a local community. When a local SEO campaign is done right, your business’s name will appear everywhere your target audience is looking, including the first page of Google, on the Google Maps 3-Pack, in relevant directories, on social channels, and in favorable online reviews.

Overlook the importance of local SEO at your own risk. 97% of people turn to the Internet to find local businesses, and 72% of them choose a store within five miles after completing a search. A local audience is driven by intent, and this single digital marketing strategy can make or break your business.

Local SEO services go beyond simply ensuring your business name appears prominently in a Google search. At AIM, we execute a comprehensive local SEO strategy to ensure that your name comes out on top.

We work quickly so that you can begin seeing results, but we also work with skill and purpose. The strategies we implement will continue to serve you for months and years to come.

Search Engine Marketing

When you combine search engine optimization (SEO) with pay-per-click advertising (PPC), you get the magic of search engine marketing. The goal of SEM is to ensure maximum visibility across the Internet.

For example, a successful SEM marketing strategy could mean that your business appears multiple times on page one of Google: in an ad in the first position, in the Google Maps 3-Pack, at the top of organic search, in prominently placed snippets, and in the directories and review sites like Yelp (or whatever is most relevant to your industry).

The PPC portion of SEM is the predominant factor in a modern SEM strategy in the digital marketing services space. It can employ a mix of search advertising, display advertising, retargeting campaigns, and more. One of the most notable benefits of online advertising is the degree of control you have over your targeting and budget. You can practically pick out your ideal customer from a catalog and dictate how much you want to pay to acquire them.

For example, let’s say you’re in the plumbing business. You can choose to advertise only to homeowners within a 10-mile radius. You can choose how much you’re willing to pay for a click and continue to test creative options (like your copy, images, or video) to drive down the cost of a click while increasing your conversion rate.

Alternatively, you might decide that you prefer to work on commercial businesses or apartment buildings. PPC puts you in the driver’s seat, and the right digital marketing agency can ensure that you meet your goals.

we devise a winning strategy that optimizes a budget for each of our clients while bringing in the most leads and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Companies that take this online marketing strategy seriously can win big in a competitive playing field. Currently, 81% of Americans use social channels, including platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

However, even though 97% of Fortune 500 companies point to social as a vital marketing strategy for their success, smaller businesses have been slower to come around.  

By leveraging digital marketing services related to social platforms, you can build brand awareness and get a flood of qualified traffic to your website and social media properties. You can also use social media as a part of your content marketing, sharing valuable information and expertise to build an audience organically over time.

In addition to social marketing as a means to get organic traffic, you can also advertise on all of the major social medial platforms. Like Google PPC, social media advertising allows you to use specific targeting methods to attract your ideal clients, customers, or patients. It can be a very cost-effective tool to grow your business.

As more companies wake up to the benefits of getting social, make sure you choose an Internet marketing company that has a proven track record in this arena.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Services Agency

As you evaluate various digital marketing agencies, it can be a challenge to identify the ones that will provide you with a winning combination of online marketing services at a fair and affordable price.

Though we think you should choose us (yes, we’re biased), we want you to find the right digital marketing company that is perfect for your needs. To help in your search, we’ve put together a list of five things you should look for in an Internet marketing agency.
1.  A prominent online presence
Do a Google search for your preferred keyword and make sure you can find the company online. Suppose a digital marketing firm is claiming that they can get you visibility on digital channels through SEO or paid advertising. In that case, they should at least demonstrate that they are capable of accomplishing this goal for themselves.

Don’t forget to check their social channels to see how active they are. You can also get a feel for how they manage their content and prioritize customer engagement by checking their blog, YouTube channel, and other socially-minded platforms.
2.  Favorable reviews
Checking the reviews of marketing professionals before you work with them can save you a massive headache later. Ideally, a company offering Internet marketing services should have a decent collection of reviews that mention positive results. You’ll also want to look for quantity if, for example, the company is trying to sell you online marketing services that increase the number of reviews your business can collect.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss a digital marketing services company for an occasional negative review. While no one ever likes to have an unhappy customer, you’ll get to see how they handle conflict. Look for companies that show professionalism, respect, and grace, even in the face of adversity.
3.  Prompt communication
Before deciding to work with a digital marketing agency, we recommend auditing their communication. You can do this by signing up for the email list, asking a question through a contact form, or booking a call. How soon do you hear back from them? Is their correspondence professional and free from grammatical errors?
4.  Transparency
Be sure to ask about transparency before agreeing to work with any digital marketing specialists. At a minimum, find out how the marketing agency plans to keep you in the loop on tasks, projects, and outcomes. Find out if you’ll have a dedicated account manager and whether they use any project management and reporting tools that you’ll have access to.
5.  A good fit
Even the best digital marketing service provider might not be an ideal choice. When you’re dealing with humans, “fit” is also important. Be sure to ask lots of questions to determine if this is a company you want to be partnered with. It’s also a good idea to inquire about processes and workflows to see if you have a compatible working and communication style.

And, of course, get information on the results that the digital marketing services have accomplished for clients, being mindful of the budget that went into achieving those results.
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