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If you’ve landed on this web page, you already know that you need a smart SEO plan that maximizes your online presence on Google and the other major search engines.

That’s where we come in. At AIM, our search engine optimization (SEO for short) strategies give your Internet marketing a boost. By working with an expert SEO team like ours, you can finally get found online in a major way. The clients who rely on our professional SEO services see a dramatic boost in website traffic to their most profitable web pages, along with increases in calls, leads, and revenue.

Organic Search

Dominate the Internet for your most relevant keywords.

Our organic search strategies ensure your name shows up first when a potential customer is looking for your product or service on the Internet.

By mastering organic sources of traffic, you can accelerate business growth without spending a dime on advertising.

Link Building

Building backlinks that point back to your site is an often-overlooked SEO strategy that can make or break an SEO campaign.

Our SEO agency is uniquely qualified to execute a winning link-building strategy.

We have a team of SEO experts who can begin building links to the most authoritative sites on the Internet.

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization requires a systematic approach that includes title tags, meta descriptions, page load speed, quality content, and more.

We develop a custom strategy that boosts your ranking factors.

This online marketing tactic works to improve both the user experience and your search engine rankings.

Why SEO Matters

of All Online Experiences that Start on a Search Engine
of Users that never scroll to page 2 in Google Search
of Users Ignore Paid Ads and Focus on Organic Results
of the Search Engine Market is Owned by Google

Our SEO Packages

No business is too big or too small to benefit from a solid search engine optimization strategy. Our custom SEO packages are designed to fit the needs of any business at any budget.
SEO Basics
Starting at
$500/ month
Great for Startups
Keyword Research
Up to 100 Keywords
Competitive Analysis
On-Page SEO (limited pages)
Image Optimization
Monthly Reporting
Ongoing Strategy
SEO Star
Starting at
$1,000/ month
Great for Small-to-Medium Businesses
Keyword Research
Up to 200 Keywords
Competitive Analysis
On-Page SEO
Image Optimization
Link Building
Ongoing Strategy
Technical SEO
Directory Submissions
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Calls
SEO Domination
Starting at
$1,500/ month
Great for Large, Established Enterprises
Keyword Research
Unlimited Keywords
Competitive Analysis
On-Page SEO
Image Optimization
Link Building
Ongoing Strategy
Technical SEO
Content Marketing
Directory Submissions
Monthly Reporting
Unlimited Calls & Support
Dedicated Account Manager
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Industries We Serve

One of the most common questions we get is, “will search engine optimization work for my business?” This question is understandable because every business is unique. A digital marketing strategy that works for one company might not have the same results for another.

However, when it comes to SEO services, every company on the planet can benefit. This is especially true if you have a team of SEO specialists who are experienced in best practices and stay on the cutting edge of what’s working now.

SEO for E-Commerce

E-commerce now makes up more than 15% of all retail spending. To take advantage of this growth, you need an SEO company that can deliver front page search results for your online marketing.

An SEO campaign can supplement your paid advertising and search marketing, leading to lower customer acquisition fees and more revenue.

SEO for Local Businesses

If you’re a service provider, a health practitioner, a brick-and-mortar store, or a restaurant, you already know how competitive your industry can be.

Your competitors are probably already using SEO services, but now you have access to a secret weapon. Us! Our SEO marketing services shine when it comes to promoting local businesses.

SEO for B2B

Many B2B companies offer products and services that require the customer to do extensive research. There could also be a long buying cycle.

When you utilize SEO strategies, you can increase your online visibility, ensuring that your business is top of mind at all stages of the buying process, from research to conversion.
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Why Your Business Needs SEO - NOW

At a minimum, you must have at least some SEO services in place to keep up with the competition. With 98% of Internet users turning to a search engine at least once a month to find a business (and 59% of users engaging in this practice daily), one of the best ways to boost your online presence is by showing up on Google and the other search engines.

You can ignore SEO, but we guarantee that your competitors are not. And, the longer you wait to shore up your search engine optimization / SEO strategy, the farther you’re apt to fall behind. This is because SEO can have a cumulative effect.
Though the Google algorithm changes hundreds of times per year, one thing (so far) has remained constant. Google rewards websites that have stayed the course. If Google notices that a website has been around for a while, continues to add great content, and has fantastic off-page SEO thanks to a strategy of building links, and has focused on web design that’s mobile-friendly, then Google will reward that site.
Though the Google algorithm changes hundreds of times per year, one thing (so far) has remained constant. Google rewards websites that have stayed the course. If Google notices that a website has been around for a while, continues to add great content, and has fantastic off-page SEO thanks to a strategy of building links, and has focused on web design that’s mobile-friendly, then Google will reward that site.

This means that delaying SEO implementation even longer will ultimately make it harder for you to catch up to your competitors’ efforts.

Want a quick tip to see how your SEO is performing? Log in to your Google Analytics account and see what percentage of traffic is coming from organic searches? If it is lower than the industry average, you have a lot of room to improve. Though this might seem discouraging at first, this is actually great news because it means that you can see a dramatic improvement in your business by implementing SEO services!

Technical SEO Services

SEO tactics go beyond keywords and building links. There’s a whole other component that savvy SEO companies implement, referred to as technical SEO.

Technical SEO focuses more on the backend of your website. The goal here is to make your site “crawlable” to search engines. When Google can crawl your website, it can index your results and make them visible to Internet searchers.

The good news is that you don’t have to be overly technical to do this type of SEO, but it does take knowledge, expertise, and a clear strategy.
technical seo services bay area

When Google has a “roadmap” of your site, it’s easier to index. The more pages that Google can index, the higher your position can be in the search rankings. An SEO company will create a detailed sitemap for maximum crawlability.

Page Speed

If your page loads slowly, users will “bounce.” In turn, this will lower your conversion rates and time on site, signaling to Google that your site isn’t worthy of being on page one. There are several ways to optimize page load speed, including reducing image sizes and multimedia load speeds.

Mobile Responsiveness

Similar to the page speed argument, if your site does not function well on a mobile device, users will leave. This behavior could penalize your site in the search rankings.

URL Structure

Making your URLs easy to read while adding relevant keywords can help the search engines better understand what your page is about. This ranking factor is minor, but it’s easy to implement and every little bit counts!


Schema (from is a type of tag that you can add to your website that allows Google to create rich snippets from your site’s data. These snippets appear prominently in the search engines and can result in a flood of new website visitors.

Site Navigation

 When your site is easy to navigate, users will find the information they need, making them more likely to convert. Again, this behavior signals to Google that showing your site prominently on the search engine results page was a smart decision on their part. When they’re happy, you get rewarded.

on page seo bay area

On-Page SEO Tactics vs Off-Page Optimization

You may have come across terms like “on-page” and “off-page” SEO as you’ve been searching for SEO companies. Though most SEO companies will use both of these tactics, it’s important to understand how they’re different.

Without going overly in-depth there are two simple things to know:

1. On Page Optimization
focuses on what’s happening on your website. These are factors you can control like your keyword content, meta descriptions, title tags, load speed, sitemaps, mobile responsiveness, schema, and site navigation.
2. Off-page SEO
refers to making your website appear as an authority in your niche. You accomplish this feat through link building. With link building, other authoritative sites include links that point back to your website.

Client Testimonials

See what our delighted customers on the front page of Google have to say!
Marilyn K.
Redwood City, CA
“In addition to helping keep my site ranking high up in Google, Ross listens, gives great feedback, educates, and implements changes quickly. He spends time explaining SEO concerns in a way that is understandable and offers real solutions. Ross is great to work with.”
Cyndirella L.
Alameda, CA
“The SEO that Ross does every month keeps us on top of the list of folks looking for businesses like mine. This is a great investment for my business. I think Ross is the Bomb. I have recommended many folks use. Now I am going public with my endorsement. Thank you, Ross!”
Brad J.
Alameda, CA
“The proof is in the work! I have a construction company, and if you search for "Alameda Contractor" along with many other key words, you will see incredible results. If you are a small business owner and want to get specific results like I did, then Ross is your only option!”

What to Expect from AIM

Working with an SEO company might be a new experience for you. Even if you’ve hired SEO specialists in the past to improve your online presence and position in the search engine results pages, we can guarantee that you’ve never met an SEO team like ours.

When you work with AIM to improve your keyword rankings, here are 10 things you can expect from us:
An Attentive Ear
We first work to understand your goals. Whether it’s business growth, keeping up with the competition or taking control of how you show up online, we will work together to put those goals in writing and come up with a plan to make it happen.
A Thorough Site Audit
It’s not unusual for an SEO company to offer prospective clients a site audit. What is unusual is the care that we take in preparing this report. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of your current search engine rankings.
Detailed Competitive Analysis
Not only do we audit your position in the search engines, but our professional SEO services team also audits your competitors. We use this information to find areas where to improve your SEO while also identifying lucrative areas to attack.
Advanced Keyword Research
You might know your customers pretty well already, but we can guarantee that you’ll learn a thing or two after seeing our keyword research data. We’ll uncover search intent that can help you identify trends and new opportunities to serve your target audience.
An Optimization Roadmap
Once we have identified and prioritized your optimal keywords, we’ll create something called an optimization map that helps us distribute them across your website. As a result, your customers will be able to find the exact page they need in search results by entering the relevant search terms.
Expert Implementation
At this stage, the fun begins. Our SEO team begins putting everything they learned during the research and analysis phase into action. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be tracking your keyword rankings and making adjustments as necessary.
Peak Performance
We continue to monitor website traffic using tools like Google Analytics to see which Google searches are driving the most visitors to your site. From there, we’ll analyze user behavior to identify even more opportunities and new keywords to add to the SEO process.
Continued Improvement
At this stage, the fun begins. Our SEO team begins putting everything they learned during the research and analysis phase into action. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be tracking your keyword rankings and making adjustments as necessary.
Value-Added Content
Our SEO services also include the option to add content marketing to your online presence. By creating blogs or engaging in video marketing, you’ll be even closer to dominating the search results.
In-Depth Reporting
You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we ensure that you have advanced insights about your performance with each of the search engines in an easy-to-read format that aids you in future decision-making.

Top 5 SEO Questions

Search engine optimization is widely misunderstood, even among many so-called SEO experts. We’ll clear up that confusion by answering the most frequently asked questions we field about SEO and how it relates to an online marketing strategy.

By the time you’re finished reading the answers to these questions, you’ll have a better understanding than most people about how SEO works and why it’s important.

1. What Exactly is SEO?

This question might seem basic, but it’s definitely worth clearing up. SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. It refers to the process of improving where your website shows up on the search engine results page for Google and the other search engines.

SEO is an organic traffic strategy, meaning that, other than the fees you might pay to SEO agencies, it doesn’t cost anything to acquire that traffic. Contrast this to PPC management, where you pay per click, or social media marketing, where you might pay for impressions as well as clicks.

Once your business has winning SEO strategies in place, you can focus on maintenance instead of having to constantly create new ads or content.

2. How Long Does It Take to See Results from SEO?

There are a lot of factors to consider in answering this question. Typically, you can expect to see results within about three to six months, but this timeframe can vary. If you’re in a competitive industry it may take significantly longer.

Who you choose as your SEO service provider can also influence how long it takes for you to see measurable results. Other factors that can affect the timeframe include your budget and how aggressive your SEO plan is.

A final variable that can speed up or slow down results has to do with how many of the available SEO techniques you choose to employ on your website and the skill level with which each is executed.

3. How Important is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is one of the first steps in any winning SEO strategy. Understanding the specific keywords and phrases that users type into the Google search bar can give you a big head start.

Further, in addition to getting a clear picture of your site visitors’ intent, having insights into keyword search volume allows you to focus your search engine optimization efforts on areas that will have the most dramatic effect on your bottom line.

One mistake that providers of Internet marketing services make is failing to properly utilize the information they get from keyword research. A common tendency is to shower a web page with all relevant keywords at once. Instead, we recommend a more thoughtful approach that places keywords strategically throughout your website.

4. Is PPC Better than SEO?

Though there are a lot of opinions from marketers, there’s no clear answer to this. It’s like asking someone whether they prefer chocolate or vanilla. Each of these strategies has its place, and they often work well together. In fact, we recommend using both whenever possible.

For example, by combining SEO strategies for organic traffic with a PPC campaign using paid ads, you can dramatically increase your presence on Google and other search engines.

5. How Has SEO Changed?

One constant among digital marketing disciplines is the need to recognize and adapt to change. SEO is no different, and the field requires staying vigilant as techniques evolve.

Some recent changes in SEO techniques have shifted toward optimizing web design for mobile phones. More than 54% of web traffic was mobile in 2021, and that percentage is steadily on the rise. This means that you need to ensure your website shows up on mobile searches and your site is optimized for mobile phone users.

Better SEO Starts Here
Are you ready to start dominating the search engines with a winning SEO strategy? AIM is committed to your success, and we look forward to helping your name be everywhere online.

So, what’s next? Contact us, and we’ll do a complimentary SEO audit. This SEO audit is value-packed with competitive insights and step-by-step information on how we can help you reach your business goals.

We will also walk you through various SEO strategies so that you understand what is possible with the right plan in place. Our SEO team is known for both affordability and winning results!
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