A link-building strategy needs to have goals, like any aspect of your business. Link-building tactics serve to bring people directly to your site, and also to boost the ranking of your site in search engine results. The quantity of links is not the only measure of success; quality is also important. But how do you […]

About a month ago the Google My Business team announced that from now on businesses were allowed to upload videos to their GMB dashboard making them available for potential customers to view. What’s more, customers themselves are also encouraged to upload videos to a business’s GMB dashboard, which will then appear in a separate ‘customer‘ […]

The internet has come to be synonymous with a few Goliath companies, namely Google and Facebook, and maybe Amazon.  In reality, most of us spend the majority of our time on those 3 sites.  Computers have even become known as “Google machines”, because whenever you need to start navigating the web, the first thing you […]

Big developments on the Google Search front.  Previously labeled “Quick Answers”, Google search results have included answers to relatively simple “How to” and “What is” queries since sometime in 2014.  These have provided an opportunity to rank above all other search results, it what is now referred to as “position 0”. “Quick Answers” was relabeled […]

Since Google’s landmark announcement of exacting penalties on websites that fail to accommodate its search ranking guidelines, website owners have undertaken measures to stay within the search giant’s good side. But not many are aware of how exactly Google penalizes a website. Google may punish you for either of these two violations: manipulative or poor […]

Google’s search algorithm, the program that helps it decide what to show you when you run a search, is updated often… and when I say often, I mean practically daily. Most of these changes can seem insignificant, and some are just Google experimenting with different ways to display results. Some of the changes can be […]

Alright, so they’re not “easy steps”, but this post will get you on the right track if you have received one of those notices from Google that says your website has some unnatural links. As a result, your ranking on search results will go way down, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or […]

Just like my detail-oriented fiancé, Google remembers everything I’ve ever done.  A few months ago I proposed to her on a beach.  There were whales, a sunset, fancy wine and a diamond. Last birthday?  A private room at a classy restaurant with flowers and candlelight.  But do you think those magnificent romantic gestures made her […]

Google makes so many changes to the way it’s search engine works all the time, and most of them occur without anyone noticing a change. This latest one though is really interesting. SEO Consultant Rob Ousbey was the first to notice this new feature on Google’s search engine. When you type in  a search query, […]