100 Keyword Research Tools for Rocking SEO

Keyword Research Tools

Finding out what words and phrases your visitors use to search for and find your site is one of the most important steps you can take in any successful SEO campaign. We've compiled a list of 100 keywords research tools we think merit a look and will make your life a heck of a lot easier. While many of these tools will require a paid account or software purchase, most of the tools listed below have a "freemium" option for you to try them out and see if they're a good fit for your workflow. In generating this list we included the tools that we use day-in day-out but also discovered quite a few gems that we'd never used before. We'll begin with one of the tools we use the most for keyword and competitive research...

# 1 SEMrush

semrush keyword tool
SEMrush allows you to not only get detailed information about keywords but also analyze competing websites. Check out the position of your competitors and the keywords they use, watch traffic for the whole domain or specific pages of your site – and much more. SEMrush is one of my favorite tools. Check out the tool here.

# 2 Keyword Snatcher

keyword snatcher
A simple parser of search queries that works with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Amazon. Usually it will help you to generate at least 4,000 keywords from a single seed keyword. Great to discover local keywords and untapped niches. Check out the tool here.

# 3 Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner
A free keyword research tool from Google. You’ll need to register with Google AdWords before you can use Google Keyword Planner. Check out the tool here.

# 4 Moz Analytics’ Keyword Analysis Tool

moz analytics keyword research tool
Keyword difficulty tool from Moz makes it easy to set priorities when planning your SEO campaigns. It analyses search volume and does competitive analysis for any keyword or phrase. Check out the tool here.

# 5 SECockpit

A great tool, especially for anyone promoting content projects. You’ll find a variety of different keywords for articles and sections. Check out the tool here.

# 6 Long Tail Pro

longtail pro
Long Tail Pro is very simple to use, and it’s a powerful service for keyword research, competitor analysis and real-time filtering. Long Tail Pro also helps you set priorities, as it analyses your competition. Check out the tool here.

# 7 Soovle

This keyword research tool is good for making content plans and generating ideas for articles. It groups keywords around topic areas. Check out the tool here.

# 8 Google Correlate

Another tool from Google. Google Correlate helps you to discover search patterns that are on trend. Find searches that correlate with real-world data. Check out the tool here.

# 9 Quora

Use Quora to search for ideas and titles for articles, and to find out what people are searching for – all in just a few seconds. Check out the tool here.

# 10 Google AdWords

Google adwords
Google Adwords can be a great tool to test your hypotheses. Once you have a list of keywords and data about them - you can real-world testing via AdWords to validate your assumptions. Check out the tool here.

# 11 Google Insights

Google Insights allows you to compare data by category, country and time period. Check out the tool here.

# 12 Alexa Search Analytics

A powerful tool with actionable SEO insights, certified site metrics, and competitive intelligence – to help grow your SEO. Check out the tool here.

# 13 Advanced Web Ranking

advanced web ranking
More than 20,000 of the world's leading agencies use Advanced Web Ranking. It will give you analytics data, audit your SEO, track your rankings, provide localization, generate white label reports and more. Check out the tool here.

# 14 WordTracker

Word Tracker generates keyword results based on real searches by real people, including the keywords customers use when they are ready to buy. The site offers a seven-day trial version of the tool. Check out the tool here.

# 15 CanIRank

can i rank
CanIRank quickly gives you a complete picture of the competitive landscape, so that you can monitor where your business ranks and get to know about the changes that will make the biggest impact. Check out the tool here.

# 16 Internet Marketing Ninjas Keyword Combination Tool

The Keyword Combination Tool by Internet Marketing Ninjas features handy columns – enter words or phrases in column 1, and column 2 will show you all the possible combinations of these keywords. Check out the tool here.

# 17 Merge Words

A simple and very effective tool that helps to combine three different words into a combination of keywords. Check out the tool here.

# 18 Moz Keyword Tool

Moz keyword tool generates the top 10 rankings for any keyword. It shows current ranking for that keyword and assigns it a difficulty score. Check out the tool here.

# 19 Keyword Scout Lite

With Keyword Scout Lite you can set various filters, remove brand names with one click, set a range of local and international query displays, and even set the parameters for the average cost of clicks. Check out the tool here.

# 20 Wordstream Keyword Tool

This free keyword tool gets data through US-based search industry partnerships, such as internet service providers, browser toolbars and search engines. Can be a great source for keyword ideas. Check out the tool here.

# 21 Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye
With a 30-day money-back guarantee and over 50,000 users, Keyword Eye is a compelling choice. The tool features competitor research, keyword suggestions and a questions finder. Check out the tool here.

# 22 Keyword Discovery by Trellian

Get keywords results from various toolbar browsers, more than 200 search engines worldwide, and a list of generic and long-tail keywords – that’s what you’ll get from Trellian’s Keyword Discovery tool. Check out the tool here.

# 23 Majestic SEO Keyword Checker

Majestic's checker generates results primarily based on organic data. The number of keywords you can check at once depends on your subscription level. Check out the tool here.

# 24 Web CEO

webceo keyword research

Use WebCEO’s Keyword Research tool to get thousands of keyword ideas for your site content and on-page SEO. The tool provides a full picture of competitor keyword lists, suggestions from Google Search Console, terms for your local business; allows integration with Rank Checker and SEO Analysis tools.  The KPI metrics like KEI (keyword effectiveness index), global / local monthly searches and other important metrics will help you refine your keyword list.

It also offers a free trial version. Check out the tool here.

# 25 Positionly

If you want to get more traffic to your site and improve your rankings, Positionly is definitely a tool to try. Generate actionable suggestions and reports on intelligent events, and customize them to the apps you want to target. Check out the tool here.

# 26 Google Trends

One more powerful keyword service from Google. Compare up to five keywords at a time. Check out the tool here.

# 27 GetRank Keyword Suggestion Generator

A useful generator of search queries that takes data from Google, Yahoo and Wordtracker. Check out the tool here.

# 28 Bing Ads Intelligence

Use Bing Ads Intelligence to determine the relevant keywords for an already published page, on the basis of the content of this page. You can also generate ideas for new keywords from existing semantic core and selection of low-frequency searches. Check out the tool here.

# 29 SEO Book Free Keyword Tool

A popular free tool that allows users to save keyword suggestions in CSV format. Check out the tool here.

# 30 SEO Book Keyword Typo Generator

This tool allows you to make the most of keywords even when searches contain typos – really useful when searchers in a hurry make the wrong keystroke or don’t know how to spell your best keywords. Check out the tool here.

# 31 Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions

wordtravker question
Enter a query and get 100 suitable results. A great tool to use when you’re searching for new ideas on keywords and writing articles. Check out the tool here.

# 32 SerpIQ

SerpIQ features all you need for successful SEO. Find competitors by keywords, analyze their keywords and much more. Check out the tool here.

# 33 Wordpot

Wordpot allows you to make 25 free requests per day. It shows data from search engines and is a great tool to use. Check out the tool here.

# 34 KTD Amazon Keyword Tool

KTD amazon-570x303
A good service for those who participate in the Amazon affiliate program. KTD allows users to check out searches made on Amazon, which is especially valuable for the search of specific low-frequency queries. Check out the tool here.

# 35 eBay Keyword Research Tool

A great tool for eBay users. The eBay Keywords Research Tool collects data from eBay.com and, at your request, will show you the details. Check out the tool here.

# 36 Terapeak for eBay

A free seven-day trial period allows you to check this one out before you buy, and it’s a nice tool that allows users to compare searches made in individual countries. Check out the tool here.

# 37 KW Finder

KW Finder allows you to choose keywords, shows the number of searches per month, SEO-difficulty, CPC, PPC, in time dynamics, Top SERP request with indicators Majestic and so on. Check out the tool here.

# 38 Keyword Country Free Keyword Research Tool

Another useful resource that gives you 100 keywords within the free version. It’s intuitive and simple to use. Check out the tool here.

# 39 Web SEO Analytics Keyword Research Tool

Web SEO Analytics Keyword Research Tool
Developed especially for SEO copywriters, the Keyword Research tool by Web SEO generates a complete list of related keywords and delivers all the necessary statistics. Check out the tool here.

# 40 Wordze

This automated service will help you to find hundreds of keyword ideas and deliver all the key metrics – thousands of hidden keywords and more! Check out the tool here.

# 41 SpyFu

SpyFu searches any domain on Google and shows every keyword that was bought on AdWords, every organic rank and every ad variation over the last nine years. Check out the tool here.

# 42 Yahoo Clues

Compare queries made by men and women, and filter by country. Check out the tool here.

# 43 Good Keywords

Good Keywords is a place to find unique and new keyword ideas based on current news and trends, web popularity and social media buzz. Check out the tool here.

# 44 Ubersuggest

A free parser of Google search tips. You can set the language and the search parameters – semantics, images, news, videos etc. Check out the tool here.

# 45 Keywords Strategy Studio

keyword strategy
Keyword Strategy Studio generates new ideas for search queries that are based on research, trends and popularity. Check out the tool here.

# 46 Market Samurai

Market Samurai works with Apple and Windows. It's great for finding low-frequency searches with low levels of competition. Check out the tool here.

# 47 Bing Keyword Research Tool

A free service that helps to collect data from organic searches and study the statistics from the last six months. Check out the tool here.

# 48 Google Suggest Expander by Yoast

google suggest expander
Google Suggest Expander by Yoast is a great tool to brainstorm long-tail keyword ideas. So, if you are stuck with ideas - this tool can be a great place to start.

# 49 GrepWords

GrepWords is a huge, fast, simple and powerful tool for finding the best keywords. More than 40 million keywords on offer. Check out the tool here.

# 50 The Last Keyword Tool by Themezoom

This international keyword tool gives you the opportunity to search for the traffic generated by keyword terms, and compare costs, competing pages, and competitors in a particular market. Check out the tool here.

# 51 Term Explorer

This tool exports keyword data for up to 90,000 items and quickly sorts by search volume, cost per click, and PPC competition. Check out the tool here.

# 52 KeywordTool.io

A free keyword tool. You don't even need to create an account to generate more than 750 Google keywords in the language of your choice. Check out the tool here.

# 53 Jaaxy

Jaaxy features lightning-fast niche research, comprehensive keyword research and accurate competition metrics. It’s a great keyword tool you can use to topple your competitors. Check out the tool here.

# 54 SEO Book Keyword List Generator

Know everything about your competitors with SEO Book’s keyword list generator. It picks the best keywords, displays your ranking profile in Google and Bing, and provides access to organic and paid search performance histories. Check out the tool here.

# 55 Scrapebox Keyword Scraper

The name speaks for itself. This simple tool scrapes keywords from Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Yahoo and more. Check out the tool here.

# 56 Keyword Canine

The very useful Keyword Canine features site health monitoring, keyword analysis, in-depth search result analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, long-tail mining, keyword optimization and more. Check out the tool here.

# 57 Keyword Revealer

With keyword revealer you’ll find long-tail keywords right away, view the difficulty score for each phrase and analyze the competition for first-page ranking on Google. Check out the tool here.

# 58 SERPs Ubersuggest Alternative

One more quick and easy way to study keywords by SERPs. This tool reports on keywords, rank trackings and analytics. Check out the tool here.

# 59 SERPWoo Keyword Finder

This keyword finder is simple to use. It shows the top 10 domains in the SERPs, exports them and pulls related terms for your single keyword. Check out the tool here.

# 60 HQ Suggest

Learning what users are searching for is simple and quick with HQ Suggest. This powerful PC application will research the keywords and questions that you’re looking for and deliver results right away. Check out the tool here.

# 61 SEO Chat Keyword Suggest Tool

Find the most popular phrases that people are searching for on Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube with SEO Chat’s Keyword Suggest Tool. Thousands of results listed in alphabetical order. Check out the tool here.

# 62 Keyword Tool Dominator

KTD amazon-570x303
More than 10,000 users have already tried Keyword Tool Dominator to search for long-tail keywords and use their simple and effective Google Autocomplete, Amazon and YouTube keyword tools. Check out the tool here.

# 63 Colibri.io

Used in 82 countries Colibri is a great tool to know what people say about your brand and your competitors, influence purchase decisions, and promote your personal reputation. Check out the tool here.

# 64 SG Serpstat

SG Serpstat is a great online tool for keyword research, domain and URL analysis, cluster research, search suggestions, finding out about top pages and more. Check out the tool here.

# 65 Answer the Public

answer the public
Beardman will answer your keywords queries by delivering thousands of results – sorted alphabetically. When, how, why, what and who questions – and lots of prepositions. Check out the tool here.

# 66 Web Seer

web seer
Сompare Google search results using Web Seer, which features two search columns, a simple interface and quick results. Check out the tool here.

# 67 Keyword Researcher Pro

Use Keyword Researcher to discover high-value keywords from Google AutoComplete, and to organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner. Check out the tool here.

# 68 Keyword Studio

Keyword Studio features automatic keyword grouping, easy customization, a trade market synonym engine, a 30-day money-back guarantee and lots of other useful info. Check out the tool here.

# 69 SEO Gadget for Excel by Built Visible

International digital marketing agency BuiltVisible created the wonderful SEOgadget for Excel. Conduct keyword research with SEMrush and GrepWords, and much more. Check out the tool here.

# 70 Bright Edge Data Cube

BrightEdge Global Data Cube Datasheet Feb 2015 09
With Bright Edge Data Cube you’ll come to understand the real demand for your content, improve the performance of your site with semantically-related topics and get seamless integration with your content performance workflow. Check out the tool here.

# 71 Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis performs a full SEO health check, uncovers technical mistakes that may affect your rankings, helps you to find out why competitors outrank you, and keeps tabs on your competitors. With 400,000 users, it’s a tool to check out. The tool is available here.

# 72 Places Scout

places scout
This tool provides advanced tools for keyword research, lead generation, rank tracking, business reputation monitoring and much more. Check out the tool here.

# 73 Keyword Xp

keyword xp
Effective and precise competitor analysis, availability checks for suggested domains, fast long-tail keyword searches – discover exactly what questions people are searching for right now. All that with Keyword Xp. Check out the tool here.

# 74 iSpionage

This tool will help you to know everything you want to know about your competitors – how much they’re spending on AdWords, their most profitable terms, and who’s beating you in the search engine rankings. Check out the tool here.

# 75 Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This desktop program can be installed on PC, Mac or Linux. It allows you to crawl URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze from an SEO perspective. Can be a great tool to discover keywords your competitors are using in ALT tags. Check out the tool here.

# 76 Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

AHrefs keyword research
With 10 petabytes of storage, 5,000 CPU cores and more than 600,000 users all over the world, this is a tool to check. Lots of useful information for your SEO. Check out the tool here.

# 77 Keyword Shitter

Simply type the required word and get over 2,000 related keywords. An extremely simple tool without excess links and buttons. The name is crass and the interface just as crude, but its undeniably effective. Check out the tool here.

# 78 Similar Web

SimilarWeb allows you to view the analytics of every site, for free. View global and local ratings, traffic overviews, referrals and much more. Check out the tool here.

# 79 Search Metrics Suite

Scalable site optimization, research clouds, visibility scores, ROI reporting and dashboards – Searchmetrics can do all that and more! Check out the tool here.

# 80 Compete Pro

Compete Pro will help you to find out which marketing strategies work best in your industry, which tactics fall flat, and where to find untapped opportunities. Check out the tool here.

# 81 GinzaMetrics

A huge resource with lot of useful content for your SEO. GinzaMetrics is used by the fastest-growing brands – it offers keywords, smart search, competitive intelligence and more. Check out the tool here.

# 82 Raven Tools – Keyword Opportunities Tool

An automated crawl to see how your website stacks up against its competitors. With a 30-day free trial version, it’s a great link-building and keyword discovery tool. Check out the tool here.

# 83 Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

This program allows you to select keywords directly from the Microsoft Excel interface. Data on offer includes relevance, cost history and frequency caps, as well as data on different countries. Check out the tool here.

# 84 Freshkey

This is another Amazon keyword suggestion tool. A simple tool that was designed for Kindle books. Check out the tool here.

# 85 AMZ Tracker

This tracker has the ability to notify you about negative results and track your competitors’ keyword rankings. Another tool for Amazon. Check out the tool here.

# 86 AMA Sniper

Designed for Amazon, Shopify and eBay, AMA Sniper can estimate monthly revenue, find niche products, spy on your competition and more. Check out the tool here.

# 87 Keyword Inspector

keyword inspector
Besides tracking competitors and sales rankings, Keyword Inspector also shows you the top-selling products on Amazon that are similar to what you’re selling. Check out the tool here.

# 88 Merchant Words

merchant words
Merchant Words shows Amazon searches and unique keywords data, including data on search volume. Check out the tool here.

# 89 Seller Metrics

With data being refreshed every 24 hours, SellerMetrics monitors position rankings for your products and the products of your competitors. Check out the tool here.

# 90 SEO Pressor

This very popular WordPress plugin gathers the most essential SEO intelligence of your website and present it to you right away. Check out the tool here.

# 91 Sellics

Sellics is an analytic and keyword suggestion tool for Amazon sellers to track and optimize keyword rankings, manage product reviews and monitor competitors. Check out the tool here.

# 92 WP Keyword Suggest

Without leaving your WordPress site, this simple keyword tool provides suggestions from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Check out the tool here.

# 93 Latent Semantic Analysis Tool

Latent Semantic Analysis Tool
An interesting tool that finds the relationships between keywords, using data from millions of documents. Check out the tool here.

# 94 Niche Laboratory

Niche Laboratory
Niche Laboratory is a free keyword tool that also generates keyword ideas based on location. The complete search gives LSI keywords, keyword tag clouds, top website rankings for your search term, images associated with that topic, title tags, meta descriptions from top sites, and much more. Check out the tool here.

# 95 Thesaurus

If you want to find related unique synonyms to form new keyword phrases and combinations, Thesaurus is the place to go. That’s just what it was made for. Check out the tool here.

# 96 Already Coded

On this resource you’ll find already-coded scripts, software, tools, programs, apps, games, website clones and more – all great features that can help you with your SEO. Check out the tool here.

Browser Add-ons and Plugins

# 97 KGen

This tool from Mozilla Firefox displays information about the popularity of a page for a particular request, as well as its average position for page requests. Check out the tool here.

# 98 Hit Tail

HitTail generates keyword suggestions by analyzing your existing website traffic. It works in the background to constantly give you new keyword ideas. Check out the tool here.

# 99 GrepWords CPC and Search Volume Enhancer

GrepWords CPC and Search Volume Enhancer
This keyword tool enhances the SERPs of Google and Bing, with CPC data for the query, and enhanced reports on anchor text in the three big-link data providers – Moz's Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO's Site Explorer and Ahref's Explorer. Check out the tool here.

# 100 SeoQuake

This tool is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. With SEOQuake you can easily analyze keyword density on any page of a site. Check out the tool here.

Which keyword research tools are you using?

Are there any great tools that you use and should be added to the list? Are there any on this list that you love or hate? Share your insight with us in the comments below!